Happy Sunday and welcome to my first weekly blog post. A moment for me to chat to you about the week past, the work I’ve been doing and the progress I’ve made on current projects. I’ll also likely share some of the little joys of life from the current season because that’s my true love. That and my husband. This week I’ve been back in the studio.

back in the studio - painting

Back in the studio

After several months of being buried in home renovations, we have finally put down the decorating brushes (we’re moving, I’ll chat about that another day). I now have time to pick up my artist brushes instead and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. The last time I put brush to paper was in February. It was time!

I remember the days when I would have all the time in the world to paint and be creative, with no idea or direction on what to do. Oh how the tables have turned. Now I grab moments before dinner, after bedtime and often at the weekend to sit for an hour and try to make my many ideas come to life before I hear “muuuuuummy” being shouted up the stairs.

Through the wallpaper stripping, hole filling, wall painting overload of the past few months I would daydream of different projects wondering what to start when I had the chance to. Florals. It always came back to florals. I used to worry that after the Cath Kidston/ shabby chic popularity they would go out of style. That my work would suddenly become outdated. I needn’t have worried. They are well loved and here to stay.

So it may not come as a surprise at all, but my next collection of paintings, prints, cards and bookmarks will continue the theme of nature’s finest. My first piece is on my desk as we speak, drying off after a new layer of watercolour. The original will be available on my website shortly after it’s finished as with all my work. Then I have some special plans for the prints, to add a little magic to them.

I hope you like them!


back in the studio - out in the garden

I’m grateful to say I’ve also had a lot of time in the garden with the little one this past week. We’ve been cutting the grass, fighting against the weeds, checking on our fruit and veg patch and having a good run around. It feels so nice after the never ending days of rain we all just had to endure.

I stepped out the other morning with my cup of tea while the weather was dry but not too hot. Munchkin ran free, picking the fruit that she knows isn’t quite ready yet but still can’t resist helping herself to. I enjoyed the fresh air and quiet for a moment.

If you haven’t yet today, step outside for a second. It works wonders on your mood.

I also spent a moment snipping a few flowers from the sweet pea we have climbing our fence. What better reference to have for painting than the plant itself. This one is absolutely thriving for its second year. It definitely steals the show.

Pippin Prints Sunday Catch Up - back in the studio - sweet pea in the garden


So, there you have it. My first Sunday catch up.

Whilst social media is a wonderful place to share, it can become very crowded and anything more than a short sentence is often overlooked. If you know me personally, you know I like to chat. I felt that a weekly post would be a little better suited to my character and my business.

Do you think you’ll pop back next week? I hope you will.

Emma x

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