Photograph of pippin prints owner Emma Macdonald

Hello and welcome to Pippin Prints!

I’m Emma, a Liverpool based creator, making digital products for every occasion using my own hand painted and digitally drawn art. I also teach others to make an income from their own beautiful artwork, something I am incredibly passionate about as I’m sure you can imagine!


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My Story

Would you like to hear a little bit more about my journey so far? Well, I’ve been creating since I was tiny and whilst every other child seemed to choose a sport when asked I’ve been writing “drawing” as my favourite hobby for as long as I can remember.

Jump ahead a little and when considering my future in high school I spent all of my spare time in the art department, the one subject which I got straight A’s in. Whilst fine art was the direction I was drawn in I was advised to study architecture so that I’d leave university with a “proper job”.

Seven long years of study later I found myself working in three different architectural practices in the space of twelve months, searching desperately for the creative environment I’d been promised through my studies. I couldn’t find it and found myself googling “how to make money from art” in the hope that the internet might be able to help me.

Whilst on my break one day…and maybe during my working hours a little bit too, I started sketching the name Pippin Prints. The same font I still use today. A few days later I painted the florals which came to create my logo. Whilst much of my work is now drawn digitally, my hand painted roots remain at the heart of my business.

The first few years were slow and rocky. I had no idea what I was doing and no one around me seemed to have any inkling of where I was headed either. My “little business” plodded along in the background whilst I worked other jobs and freelanced to make some money.

But as time passed, my experience grew and I came into contact with new platforms, brands and opportunities my little business grew into something very special to me.

Now in my thirties and spending the majority of my time in my top job as mum to my beautiful daughter, Pippin Prints allows me to fulfil my passion for creativity, earn an income while I raise a family and teach others how to do the same.

I’m so unbelievably grateful that this is my life now and I can’t wait to see where it takes me in the future!